Sunday, August 29, 2010

I Can Make Out With Any Girl Here

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Ryan Nemeth's I Can Make Out with Any Girl Here Released August 30

We are excited to announce our first book for Diversion Press imprint Yellow Snow. 

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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Interview with Ryan Nemeth about I Can Make Out With Any Girl Here

What inspired you to write this book?

This book actually started out as a much smaller piece I had planned to submit to my college's newspaper. I had done short humorous pieces for them in the past (fake advice columns, fake handwritten love letters, etc), and this was to be a serial fake journal entry piece. I realized pretty quickly, however, while writing the first few entries, that I had something much bigger on my hands. It became apparent that this Donny character was a seed from which this whole new world would grow. It kind of hit me that I had a book on my hands, which, unfortunately or fortunately (depending on how you look at it) was a lot more work than a simple weekly joke piece.

Do you relate to the main character and in what ways?

I see Donny as a character with general good intentions who is trying to find his place in the world. In that way, yes, I can relate to him.  And every time I re-read the book, I find myself relating to his sense of humor. So, I suppose we have that in common, too. (Also, we both love using parentheses.) Donny is a kid who shows up at college for the first time and is at once completely overwhelmed and totally excited about this new life he's found himself in. Having lived in several different cities the last few years, I can definitely relate to that. And he's very thoughtful. You can tell by his daily journal that he thinks about life and the world around him. Maybe he doesn't always read situations the right way, or make the best decisions, but at least he puts some thought into them. Like I said, he has good intentions.

How hard was it for you to sit down and write the book?

It wasn't a challenge to dedicate myself to writing this book. I enjoyed the process so much. Yes, it was hard work actually brainstorming and jotting down ideas and jokes and storylines, and actually doing the writing, but I didn't struggle convincing myself to do it. Writing a novel is hard-- there is no way around it. But it wasn't hard to "sit down" and do it-- because I knew the end result would be good. Once I got rolling it just seemed to keep coming. There were certain points where I knew I had to step back from it and rest, but never once did I admit the possibility that it would remain unfinished.

What advice can you give to someone who is thinking about writing a book or is in the process of writing?

I don't think I've earned the right to advise aspiring writers! I wrote one book-- who the hell am I, you know? (Plus, I don't remember getting any advice from anyone.) Figure it out yourself. That's what I had to do. There isn't a manual or an outline on how to think of an idea, execute it, and get it published. There are books on "how to write a novel in 30 days" and "how to get published" but when it comes down to it, you have to wing it. No instructional book you buy is going to give you a great idea for a novel, or write it for you. Just like anything else that matters, writing a book is hard, hard work, with very little chance of any reward coming from it. That's probably why most people don't do it.

What can you tell a reader about the book that will make them want to pick up a copy?

This is a book that people who don't habitually read will still enjoy.It's a quick, easy read. It's really funny. I mean, really, really funny. The characters are relatable. Plus, whether you like wholesome humor, word play, suspense, or dirty words, this book has it all!

What are your plans/scheduled events where we might meet you and get a signed copy?


Any other comments that you would like to be included?

There is certainly more to come. I had a great time working on this project, and am excited to finish a second one. Also, I want to thank Erin Murphy for working so hard on the cover design. I love how it turned out, she did a wonderful job on that.

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